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President Chen Shiyi Meets with Campers of Innovation Camp for Outstanding High School Students

2016-12-07 12:48:17

“Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) is now on the way of becoming a first-class university, we would like to invite you to join us. Let’s create the future together,” said Chen Shiyi, the president of SUSTech on the afternoon of December 3, 2016, sending out the invitation to nearly 200 excellent high school students on the meeting of 2016 Innovation Camp for Outstanding High School Students “University Youth Dream”.

At the Meeting
Shan Xiaowen, Chair of Department of Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering, Xia Zhihong, Chair of Department of Mathematics, Xiao Guozhi, Chair of Department of Biology, Cheng Xin, Chair of Department of Materials Science and Engineering,  Rong Yiming, Chair of Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, Chen Fangyi, Executive Chair of Department of Biomedical Engineering, and person who are in charge of Office of Education Affairs,  Office of Students Affairs and Office of Admission of SUSTech also attended the Meeting.

Chen Shiyi communicates with campers

“There is No Best University, Only the Most Suitable One”
Combining his own experiences of studying and working, Chen Shiyi talked about his opinion and feeling about university, which served as the beginning of the event. He said that, university is an important phase in life. “There is no so-called best university, only the most suitable one,” and students should have long-term perspective, take serious consideration about the future, and find the most suitable university for themselves.
SUSTech owns the first-class teachers, and is highly international; it boasts advanced school-running resources, sticks to the principle of being student-oriented and teaching students in accordance of their aptitude, so as to help each student to grow up and to be an innovative talent with their unique personality. Chen Shiyi expressed that, the future of each and every one of our student is the future of SUSTech, and the development and success of each and every one of our professor are the development and success of SUSTech; those are important ideas of SUSTech. He hoped that SUSTech can be the most suitable university of students.

Campers ask questions actively

“SUSTech Welcomes Versatile and Talented Science Students”
Student from Shandong asked: “I’m a science student and who does poorly in liberal arts. How can I achieve all-round development in university?”
Chen Shiyi expressed that, SUSTech is a university which focuses on science, engineering and medical courses with some humanities and social sciences together with management discipline as supplements. SUSTech needs “bookworms”, but needs students who are excellent both in study and overall quality. “SUSTech welcomes versatile and talented science students.”
In order to help students achieve overall development, SUSTech invites masters including Chen Yuehong, the former Chair of Chinese Department in Peking University, Zhou Yongming, Professor of Department of Anthropology in University of Wisconsin, and Bi Baoyi, Distinguished Professor of Central Conservatory of Music Opera Center, and has established Humanities Center, Social Science Centre and Arts Center, offering humanities, social science and arts education which is as qualified as science, engineering and medical education.
“Figure out What’s Your Most Interested Major is More Important Than Choosing a Major Earlier”
Student from Shenzhen asked: “I like the idea of not separating major in the first two years in SUSTech, which gives us a chance to find the most suitable major for ourselves. But I’m worried that choosing major two years later may affect the study on that specific field.”
Chen Shiyi expressed that, the university lets freshmen and sophomores enter the lab to experience and practice so as to find out their own interests and strong points; and when choosing the major, the university also respect their interest and choice. Cheng Xin explained the idea of “figuring out what’s your most interested major is more important than choosing a major earlier” with personal experience; according to Cheng, interest is an very important element for one to achieve success, and those knowledge and understanding which look like useless may actually come in handy one day.

“It’s Better to Finish University at Home and then Study Abroad”
Student from Hunan asked: “Some students around went to study abroad when they were in high school. Is that really necessary?”
Chen Shiyi answered that, currently, there indeed are some students went to study abroad when they were in primary or middle school. “I personally recommend you to finish undergraduate course in China and then go abroad.” The four college years are the time to cultivate a person’s world view and to form the idea of patriotism. Studying at home is easier for one to form the patriotism world view. In addition, going abroad too early will set a heavier burden to the family, and he or she also has to spend time in language exam early as well. Of course, we respect different choices.
Xia Zhihong expressed that, it’s not wise to going abroad only for going abroad; the teaching resources of some foreign universities may not be as good as we thought. Finishing university study at home, and if there is a foreign university that suits you, then go abroad. During the period or after that, you can come back and contribute to our motherland.
“University with Feelings and Dreams Is More Promising”
“Why do a batch of famous professors from Peking University and foreign universities come to SUSTech?” one parent of the student grasped the microphone and answered himself: Because SUSTech is a university with feelings and dreams. “It will never go wrong for our children choosing SUSTech; because a university with feelings and dreams is more promising.”
Xiao Guozhi said that, 20 years ago, he went abroad; today, he has come back and hopes to do something for the country. SUSTech is a first-class university which built from scratch, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance, we shall, and we will seize it.

“Give SUSTech Some Time, and It will Become a New University with all Advantages That a Top University Should Have”
Student from Zhejiang asked: “Talent is what we are lacking of, not people. It is all about quality rather than quantity. Why the status of SUSTech is not as high as we think?”
“It takes time for a university to develop. Give SUSTech some time, and it will become a university with all advantages a top university should have!” said Chen Shiyi firmly. He explained with example: Not long after the funding, Stanford University encountered a huge financial crisis and almost went closure. However, after being polished by the time, Stanford University has become the strongest opponent of Harvard and MIT, and one of the top universities in the world. Today, SUSTech enjoys rather favorable conditions even around the globe; and has become one of the influential new universities in China. Just give SUSTech some time and let it enroll more excellent students; it is reasonable to believe that SUSTech can be one of the top-class universities in the world.

Students’ who’re listening carefully