Department of Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering of SUSTech is intended to be a top-tier international leader which focus on IUR (Industry-University-Research) and closely associated with Chinese aerospace industry.
      - To provide technical services for Chinese aerospace industry
      - To nurture innovative talents Chinese aerospace industry
- To research and develop key technologies for Chinese aerospace industry

Scientific and technological innovation
      To help Chinese aerospace industry catch up with top-tier international aerospace industry by
          - The introduction of advanced technology in the international aerospace industry
          - The Introduction of international aerospace research talents
     To become one of the pioneers of Chinese aerospace industry’s research and development of key technologies:
          - Technological maturity: 0-3
          -Technology required for existing and future models of the China
      To establish companies which provide technical services for Chinese aerospace industry
         - Participated in national key projects
         - To evolve scientific research with high technological maturity for aerospace industry
         - Directly involved in engineering design and product development (Technological maturity: 4-6)
         - Software development for basic tool
         - Technology-based professional advisory