Yueping Guo

Visiting Professor
Email: guoyp@sustc.edu.cn
  Office: Wisdom Valley Block 5

Personal profile

Dr. Guo was educated in Tsinghua University in Beijing, majored in Fluid Mechanics, and did his Ph.D. on Aeroacoustics in Cambridge University in England. Dr. Guo has been known in the aeroacoustics community for his research in a variety of subjects, ranging from his Ph.D. study on ocean waves and oceanic noise, to his post-doctoral research on bubbles and rain drops, to his contributions to structural acoustics for underwater vehicles when he worked in MIT as a research professor, and to his state-of-the-art theory on airframe noise prediction when he worked in Boeing as a Technical Fellow. His current research focuses on aircraft noise, covering aircraft noise prediction, advanced measurement technology, unsteady flow simulation, noise reduction, aircraft system noise, aeroacoustic loads, and advanced concepts and technologies. His theory for airframe noise prediction has been used world-wide by various industries, research organizations and academia. Dr. Guo is a leading figure in acoustic technology for advanced aircraft, with significant contributions in the assessment of system noise and the development of noise reduction concepts for advanced platforms such as the Hybrid-Wing-Body (HWB) aircraft, open rotor propulsion, and in general, advanced engine/airframe integration. Dr. Guo is currently the president of NEAT Consulting, a technology consulting company, based in California, USA (www.neat-consulting.com ).

Educational Background

◆  B. E. Department of Engineering Mechanics, Tsinghua University, China, 1982 
◆  Ph. D. Department of Engineering, Cambridge University, UK, 1987

Professional Experience

◆  2014-now:  NEAT Consulting, USA: President
◆  2008-now:  Abcusology Consulting, USA: President
◆  1995-2014: The Boeing Company, USA: Technical Fellow
◆  1990-1995: Department of Ocean Engineering, MIT, USA: Principal Research Engineer
◆  1978-1990: St. John’s College, Cambridge UK: Research Fellow

Honors & Awards

◆  1997 McDonnell Douglas Leading Edge Award, in recognition of outstanding performance
◆  1997 McDonnell Douglas Certificate of Appreciation, for outstanding performance in high speed research critical propulsion component team
◆  1998 NASA Certificate of Appreciation, for significant contributions toward the achievement of NASA High Speed Research Program goals
◆  1999 Boeing Technical Excellence, in recognition of selection to Boeing Associate Technical Fellow
◆  2001 NASA “Turning Goals into Reality” Award, for outstanding contributions to airframe noise reduction team and exceptional progress toward noise reduction
◆  2001 NASA Certificate of Appreciation, in recognition of participation in the Advanced Subsonic Technology Noise Reduction Program
◆  2003 Boeing BC-17 Program Certificate of Appreciation, for valued contributions and outstanding support to the BC-17X noise certification test
◆  2004 Boeing Certificate of Appreciation, in recognition of special effort and contribution to the NASA SMAAA contract.
◆  2004 Boeing Technical Excellence, in recognition of selection to Boeing Technical Fellow
◆  2005 Boeing Certificate of Appreciation, for special effort and outstanding support to the space shuttle wind tunnel test
◆  2005 AIAA Certificate, for distinguished service to AIAA in Aeroacoustics Technical Committee
◆  2006 AIAA Certificate, for admission to the grade of AIAA Associate Fellow
◆  2006 NASA Group Achievement Award, for successful wind tunnel and flight testing and CFD analysis for space shuttle debris liberation and transport
◆  2008 NASA Group Achievement Award, for exemplary technical performance in characterizing Space Shuttle aeroacoustic environment to support return to flight

Research Interests

◆  Aircraft Noise Modeling and Prediction
◆  Advanced Noise Testing Technology
◆  Unsteady Flow Numerical Simulation
◆  Acoustic Technologies for Future Aircraft
◆  Aeroacoustic Loads and Sonic Fatigue

Selected Publication

◆  Guo Y. P. & Thomas R. H. “An Experimental Study on Open Rotor Noise Shielding by Hybrid-Wing-Body Aircraft” AIAA Journal, 54(1), 242-253, 2016

◆  Guo Y. P. & Thomas R. H. “System Noise Assessment of Blended-Wing-Body Aircraft with Open Rotor Propulsion”, Journal of Aircraft, 52(6), 1767-1779, 2015

◆  Guo Y. P., Brusniak L., Czech M., Thomas R. H. “Hybrid Wing-Body Aircraft Slat Noise” AIAA Journal, 51(12), 2013

◆  Guo Y. P. “Slat Noise Modeling and Prediction” Journal of Sound Vibration. 331, 3567-3586, 2012

◆  Guo Y. P. “Application of the Ffowcs Williams/Hawkings equation to two-dimensional problems,” J. Fluid Mech. 403 pp 201-221,2000

Other Info

Dr. Guo is also well established in financial service and investment. He is currently the president of a US-based financial service company, Abacusolgy Consulting.