Xiaowen Shan

Chair Professor
Department Head
Email: shanxw@sustc.edu.cn
Office: Room 503, Wisdom Valley Block 5
Professor Shan makes great contributions to developing and applying Lattice Boltzmann Methods. The classic Shan-Chen Model is named after him. Even more, he has made outstanding results in plasma physics, MHD and computer simulation of turbulent flow, etc. Because of his excellent work, he was elected in 2009 as the member of American Physical Society, APS. He also worked as software designer of Microsoft and Senior Supervisor in EXA of USA. In 2012, he was attracted back to China, as one in the Thousand Talents Program, to work in aviation development as Special Expert in COMAC and principal of BASTRI Pneumatic and Acoustics Research Team.
Professor Shan has published over 60 research papers (Citation>6000) and has gained 4 U.S. patents. The paper “Lattice Boltzmann model for simulating flows with multiple phases and components”, which was published in 1993, was cited over 1800 times as one of the classical works in this area.
Ph.D.   1988-1991      Physics           Dartmouth College, USA
MSc    1985-1988      Fluid Mechanics    Peking University, China
BSc    1981-1985      Mechanics         Peking University, China
2015- Dept. Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering, SUSTech Chair Professor
2012- BASTRI, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC) Principal
2005-2012 EXA Corp. Senior Director
1998-2005 Microsoft Corp.  Software Development Engineer
1994-1998 US Air force Research Laboratory  Physicist
1997-1998 Exxon Research and Engineering Company Consultant
1995-1998 Theoretical Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory Technical Staff Member
1991-1995 Dept. Physics, Dartmouth College  Senior Research Associate
Paper List
2009 Lattice Boltzmann method with self-consistent thermo-hydrodynamic equilibria
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 628, 299-309 M Sbragaglia, R Benzi, L Biferale, H Chen, X Shan, S Succi
2008 Shape changes and motion of a vesicle in a fluid using a lattice Boltzmann model
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 81, 54002 HB Li, HH Yi, XW Shan, HP Fang
2006 Efficient kinetic method for fluid simulation beyond the Navier-Stokes equation
Physical Review E 74 (4), 046703 R Zhang, X Shan, H Chen
2006 Kinetic theory representation of hydrodynamics: a way beyond the Navier-Stokes equation
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 550, 413-441 X Shan, XF Yuan, H Chen
2006 Analysis and reduction of the spurious current in a class of multiphase lattice Boltzmann models
Physical Review E 73 (4), 047701 X Shan
2002 Analysis of drag and virtual mass forces in bubbly suspensions using an implicit formulation of the lattice Boltzmann method
K Sankaranarayanan,
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 452, 61-96 X Shan, IG Kevrekidis, S Sundaresan
1999 Bubble# ow simulations with the lattice-boltzmann method
Chemical engineering science 54 (21), 4817 K Sankaranarayanan, X Shan, I Kevrekidis, S Sundaresan
1998 Discrete Boltzmann equation model for nonideal gases
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1998 Discretization of the velocity space in the solution of the Boltzmann equation
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